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Thomas's Page

My project is an applet version of the video game bomberman.
Source Code:

***Player 1 Controls***
8 = up
6 = right
4 = left
2 = down
5 = bomb

***Player 2 Controls***
up = up
right = right
left = left
down = down
space = bomb

***Player 3 Controls***
w = up
d = right
a = left
z = down
s = bomb

***Player 4 Controls***
i = up
l = right
j = left
m = down
k = bomb

How to Play

Bomberman is a multiplayer game where people can control their bomberman around a try to blow up the other players. They can set bombs right under themselves, but can't travel across bombs. The bombs radiate fire north, east, south, and west a certain distance and will stop they hit something. If they hit a bricks block then it disappears. You can kill the other players by trapping them with a bomb. Be careful because your own bombs can kill you. You win if you kill everyone else.